Registration of Companies

Through our devoted team of specially trained personnel, Demetrios A. Demetriades LLC is capable in handling the registration of Cyprus companies as well as the registration of companies in other jurisdictions through our network of business associates, including among other jurisdictions, the British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, Panama, the Cayman Islands, Belize, Marshall Islands, United Kingdom etc.  We are able to furnish nominee directors, secretary and shareholders for companies registered in other jurisdictions.

Our corporate services comprise of the formation of companies, including the preparation of tailor-made Memorandum and Articles of Association drafted on a case by case basis.

At any given moment we have ready-made companies, “shelf companies” as they are known, for immediate use by our clients, subject to compliance with our Know-Your-Client procedures and the execution of a letter of engagement.  The purpose of executing a letter of engagement by all shareholders is that the directors will know from whom instructions should be received and the extent of the authority given to such authorised persons whose name appear on the letter of engagement.  As long as the directors are acting within the authority and the instructions received are pursuant to the letter of engagement, they will be kept harmless and fully indemnified by the beneficiaries of the company.

Our shelf companies are incorporated with shareholders, directors (only physical persons), secretary and registered office from our office. Alternatively, we are able to proceed with the registration of companies with names of our client’s choice, subject to receiving the prior approval of the Registrar of Cyprus Companies.

It takes four to five working days to have a response from the Registrar of Cyprus Companies in an application for approval of name.  It takes five to seven working days for a Cyprus company to be registered.

In addition, we have “approved names” available, which have already been pre-approved by the Registrar of Cyprus Companies and can be used by our clients for the purpose of registering their Cyprus company.